Get To Know This Buzz-Worthy Los Angeles Band “YOUNG CREATURES” With EP “Fear Of All Things Out Now” , A New Single “Slow” Due Out The End Of September In Support Of A West Coast Tour Including San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, And Much More In September And October !


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*No copyright infringement intended. All rights to the picture above and video belong to the band “Young Creatures” .

“Slinky psych’n’roll from LA that mixes everything from funk to pop, but still ends up sounding like the coolest aliens in the galaxies dropping in to show us how to dance with girls.”  – Classic Rock Magazine

These guys are cranking out some great rock tunes…


“…The catchy hooks will draw you in, its the weirder bits that will keep you coming back for more…”

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Young Creatures is a psychedelic rock and pop band from Los Angeles, California.  In four years, the quartet has achieved major exposure in the United States and Europe, owing to their tireless DIY efforts and their adventurous, pop-sensible sound.

In 2015, Young Creatures toured relentlessly in support of Fear All The Things, their first full-length effort.  From the Pacific Northwest to SXSW, and from the Northeast to Canada, no stone was left unturned.

Now making serious waves, Young Creatures attracted the attention of several high-profile live session studios.  Performances were recorded for Daytrotter, Converse Rubber Tracks, Jam In The Van and Balcony TV.

Above is a fun live video from the buzz-worthy Balcony TV in Los Angeles for a lively hook ridden indie pop track “Lionheart” which I quite enjoyed . I was requested to feature this cool psychedelic, rock/pop Los Angeles band that has had some strong notice down in Los Angeles, and nationally. Young Creatures will be heading on west coast tour  including to my hometown of Portland in October for a tour in support of a new single “Slow” coming at the end of September. They will be playing the White Eagle Saloon on October 5th with w/ Luke Messimer, Siren & The Sea, Times Infinity. For a full list of the many upcoming tour dates ,see the bottom of this post.

This was the third EP  release in September 2014 called  Fear All The Things which  began turning heads in the heavily populated Los Angeles scene.  LA Weekly praised their “surges of heavier psychedelic power,” while FOX 11 Los Angeles prophesied that the “band just may be on the cusp of stardom.”  Performances at prominent clubs like The Echo, Bardot, and The Viper Room solidified their presence in the LA underground.  Their influence further expanded into Europe with a feature in Classic Rock Magazine; an accompanying CD including lead single “Fear All The Things” shipped to 70,000 readers in the UK and continental Europe.

In January 2015, Young Creatures signed with Hunnypot Unlimited, a boutique music publisher.  Their partnership led to the band’s biggest break yet – the single “Lionheart” was featured on ABC Family’s new hit show, Stitchers.  This TV placement has helped to legitimize the band and bring them to a broader audience.

I took a listen up on the bands soundcloud and heard numerous fun tracks including this number “Give Me A Reason” which I found quite loaded with cool rock instrumentals and guitar riffs along with the lead, infectious single and  title track “Fear Of All Things”,  the previous hot single“Lionheart”  and another song “Foreigner” .



Young Creatures are currently writing and recording material for the follow-up to Fear All The Things.  The album’s first single, “Slow,” is out on September 30, 2016.  Singer/guitarist Mike Post will produce, engineer and mix from his brand new Los Angeles studio, MooseCat Recording.  The new album is slated to release in early 2017.

“…A ruminating rhythm section yet redeemed by piercing guitar tones…Meditative and ravishing…”

— Free Bike Valet

“There’s a strong emotive, even revelatory, quality to Post’s digressions… lyrical heft with crashing, shape-shifting percussion and stabbing guitars.”

— Buzz Bands LA


Lets get out and support this lively Los Angeles psychedelic indie pop band loaded with infectious hooks Young Creatures as they head out on tour this fall in support of the new single  “Slow” out at the end of September. Also keep your eyes out for the new album due out in early 2017.You can catch Young Creatures at the many venues below including such as The Merrow in San Diego on September 29th,  Brick and Mortar in San Francisco on October 2nd,  The White Eagle Saloon in Portland on October 5th, The Conor Bryne Pub in Seattle and more such as the Hi-Dive in Denver on October 12th and finishing tour on October 15th at Pho Cao in Phoenix. For a full list of gig dates, please see below. For Portland area residents, here are more specific details for the show :

Wednesday, October 5th
The White Eagle Saloon (836 N. Russell St. Portland, OR 97227)
w/ Luke Messimer, Siren & The Sea, Times Infinity
Show starts at 8:00 pm, $5, 21+


Email –

Lively Melbourne Trio OSAKA Release A Wicked Dancy, Guitar-Driven Psychedelic Rock Second Single “WEIGHTS” Before The Debut Five Track EP Manoeuvres Out On September 16th !



*no copyright infringement intended. This photo above is owned by the band Osaka .

“….fresh Melbourne trio Osaka sound destined for big things “
‘Vessel’ is am impressive introduction to a band we’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more of in the
Tone Deaf
“They spend all of their spare moments
practising in their own attic studio, and the result is an
adhesive and energetic sound”



Melbourne’s Osaka snared the attention of industry tastemakers with ‘Vessel’ – now they’re back with an equally enrapturing track: their second single ‘Weights’ is released today.  Osaka are proud to offer their debut five track EP, Manoeuvres on September 16th.

‘Weights‘ is comfortingly familiar; it also has no shortage of unexpected sonic surprises to delight the senses. The very definition of charming, its hallmarks are its chirpy guitars, Britpop-esque vocals and oscillating synths. The reality of the song, however, couldn’t be further from its aural promises, as frontman Edvard Hakansson asserts: “It talks about carrying someone or something’s weight… And what would happen if you just allowed the weight to crush you? Or if you gave up on why you carried it.” (from press release).

This new dancy, rock , guitar driven and psychedelic single brings more attitude with the second single “Weights” . My favorite line was “my point of view, it clears the room ” which seems to indicate so edgy, garage rock element to the lyrics of “Weights” . This Melbourne trio “Osaka” has this psychedelic , rock attitude that makes me want to dance and sing-a-long .

Quoting influences of The Strokes, Foals, Phoenix and The Kills, Osaka bring their own brand of indie rock only updated for the electronic era. Blending driving guitars with programmed synths and Hakansson’s intimate yet oblique lyrics, Osaka’s post indie sound knows where it’s come from but is doing something different . (from band’s biography).

What a lovely and slow burning trippy version of  the previous single Vessel with (Hangover Edit); the original version is also ace with a harder psychedelic rock track. This version creates waves of dreamy mood sensations when I heard it so I thought I was share this possibly less familiar version of the first single “Vessel”.

With live shows coming soon and the weight (sorry) of the Australian music scene steadily building behind them via positive reviews from Rolling Stone, Indietronica, FasterLouder and more, Osaka are poised to speed ahead at full throttle. Connect with this lively trio from Melbourne OSAKA on any of the social media platforms below and go get the first two ace and trippy new singles “Weights” out today, and the previous single “Vessel” off the bands upcoming five track debut EP  Manoeuvres out on September 16th !




Full Album Preview : Get To Know The Dreamy, Premium Vocals Of New York Based Sam Evian’s (Sam Owens of Celestial Shore) New Solo Project With Debut Album PREMIUM To Be Released On Saddle Creek Records On September 30th With First Two Singles Out Now “Sleep Easy” And Recent Premiere Of ” I Need A Man” !


*No copyright infringement intended. All rights to Sam Evian (Sam Owens) for video above.

“With sparse drips of sultry, enigmatic funk and disco, “I Need a Man” offers the sort of slow, feverish vibe that leaves you in a dreamlike state.” – Wild Honey Pie

“…captivating, a beguiling sway that pairs Owen’s delicate falsetto, somewhere between wounded and seductive, with dreamy guitar and twinkling keys.” – Streogum

“..lustful and cool, delivered stylishly through Sam Evian’s sweet falsetto.” – Mass Appeal

Premium is the glistening debut album from New York-based Sam Evian. Due to be released on September 30 via Saddle Creek, Sam describes the album as; an analogue dream in a digital world.” Like flowing water, its cool surface entices and refreshes – then reveals hidden emotional depths. (from press release)

The music came together quickly when Sam found himself in what he calls, a premium set of circumstances.An engineer and producer as well as in-demand guitarist, Sam befriended the founders of Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studio,Eli Crews and the enigmatic and inspiring Shahzad Ismaily. After helping them to build and wire the studio, Sam explains how he found himself at the centre of a musical community; “I was surrounded by endlessly talented and fun musicians in a beautiful recording environment that I helped build. I felt confident and happy, so the music came together easily.” (from press release)

That musical community included the group that recorded Premium. The album’s nine songs reflect the casual, relaxed atmosphere Sam created for himself at Figure 8, gathering his friends to record in off hours, capturing moments of offhand inspiration and laughter.There was Austin Vaughn on drums (Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple), a long-time friend from North Carolina School of the Arts, and Brian Betancourt on bass (Hospitality, Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple). They were joined by Michael Coleman on keys, a prolific player and producer, as well as being Figure 8’s studio manager – as Sam adds; “Michael played and toured with Chris Cohen, who is my favorite living songwriter. Whilst recording overdubs at New York’s legendary Magic Shop studios just before it closed, pedal steel was provided by Dan Iead (Cass McCoombs and many others. The finishing touches of Premium were some of the very last recordings in that room. Other guest performers include vocalists Cassandra Jenkins and Hannah Cohen, Shahzad Ismaily, Eddie Barbash (the saxophonist on the Colbert show) and Steve Marion(aka Delicate Steve). (from press release)

I was sent PREMIUM for an early listen by management Saddle Creek for Sam Evian, the new,solo project of Sam Owens with an album out September 30th on Saddle Creek Records. Sam also headlines the Brooklyn band Celestial Shore whom has been on the best of 2013 album list for Stereogum magazine.  Sam recently had a song premiere for the new single “ I Need A Man”  on Stereogum whom discussed that song in detail which has political references which you can read about more here and that I will talk about later in my album preview :

Sam recently released “I NEED A MAN

The album opens with “Sleep Easy” , a previously released single and music video above which is a dreamy track that is rather hypnotic and I have had on repeat .The music video features two motorcycle riders on a long back road which parallels the relaxed winding of this song which ends up the rider on the back sleeping in the video which I am sure and hope was a stunt.

As an intensely personal project, Premium is full of intimate anecdotes and glimpses of Sam’s domestic life in New York. “Golden Skull” is about a first date, and an early-morning drive to Coney Island. Premium’s first single, “Sleep Easy” is at once instantly recognizable and fresh, and it presents an intimate world of relationship and home:“Sometimes when it’s late I have to wait for the A train for an eternity. The E train lumbers by with its naive melody, reminding me that it can take me closer, but it can’t take me home. I’ve been in a relationship for three years. My partner is an extremely light sleeper. In my mind, I am delicate. In my mind, I am a dancer. The reality of our darkened apartment proves otherwise. “Sleep Easy’” is the ballet of my domestic inadequacy.” (from press release)

This class, solo album “PREMIUM” by Sam  has nine tracks in all with those rich, soulful and dreamy vocals of Sam Evian( Sam Owens) weaving his way throughout each song.   The next song “Cactus”  continues along that dreamy, hypnotic way “ I am soaking up that water like a cactus” but this song has more cool soulful, electric guitar hooks that really draw me in and hold me there. The electric guitar has that way of forming a voice all its own.  “Dark Love” has this slow, rock, dance vibe that drew me with just a tinge of psychedelic that brought just a bit more attitude and interesting trippy vocal holds at key moments in the song.

The song “Dark Love” presents a danceable vision of love at the apocalypse” (from press release)

Big Car” goes quite well with the previous song “Dark Love” as it brings the continued slow, trippy elements but with a smoother vibe and that electric guitar comes back too at a few key moments in the song too !

 And “Big Car” layers a classically irresistible guitar ode to driving with a distinct undercurrent of uneasy restlessness. As Sam elaborates, “I just remember wondering if I’d ever feel the same surreal freedom that I felt, flying across the bayou at 70 mph in my old Ford.”  (from press release)

This is followed by “Carolina” has an almost two-minute instrumental start to an over four-minute song which has a relaxed, soulful vibe in which the instrumentals take the lead . It is always refreshing to see an artist not afraid to try new ideas and sometimes just allow the instruments to be the voice for a song.

The following song is the most recent feature was “I Need A Man” that has that slow psychedelic , floating rock vibe that I wouldn’t have guessed the background of this song without reading about the political references about stopping violence, etc on the artist press release and premiere over on Stereogum. It is often the strong, emotional ideas that will drive a singer to write and respect Sam for writing about an issue he felt needed to be heard as discrimination and/or violence is never ok with me.

“Other songs entwine the personal and explicitly political. For instance, “I Need A Man” calls for an end to the tyranny of ignorance, racism, sexism and violence, written after a number of stories of sexual abuse in the music industry. As Sam explains; “The last few months have made the narrative of this song more desperate as it relates to male offenders of all sorts.” (from press release)

The song that follows is the seventh song on the upcoming album “Premium” is a complete switch to a romantic love song with “Summer Running” which talks ….. Don’t be a fool, you have to show her that you’re real and true” which was my favorite line of this song . I quite loved this easy-going melting vocals and instrumentals of this song with some subtle electric guitar moments too .  “Golden Skull” led flawlessly from “Summer Running” that almost sounded like a sequel to the previous song which also talked about love with more lazy, dreamy, vocals of Sam Evian which according to the artist it  ‘is about a first date and an early morning drive to Coney Island.’ (see quote earlier )

This fantastically, rich, smooth and dreamy solo project album of Sam Evian’s PREMIUM closes with “Tear” which grabbed on to me right away “gravity rules and sometimes it takes awhile to drop …. one by one ” . This album is aptly named  “PREMIUM” as each song is like a perfect summer day gliding down a lazy river chilling and dreaming small and big moments with Sam Evian’s voice capturing your imagination !  Lets all get out an pre-order PREMIUM now and you can connect with Sam over on Spotify now and/or pre-order over on Apple Music/Itunes  due for release on  Friday,September 30th with Saddle Creek Records. You can connect more with Sam on any of his social networks below and by the way I also recommend that you also check out the Brooklyn band he also headlines Celestial Shore as it is also quite lush too !

When you hear a stellar record from an artist you’ve never even heard of, it can feel like it fell out of the ether. Just dropped from space into your lap to complete you in a way you never knew you needed.That’s the feeling you’re left with when you listen to Sam Evian’s Premium, a dreamy pop rock record that is sublime from start to finish….Premium may be one of the most melodic albums you’ll hear all year.” – No Depression



Premium is filled with contrasts. With emotional depth and a thrilling combination of sounds, there are tears in the quiet moments, but also euphoria in liberating, classic American guitar music. Sam will be touring with Whitney and Teenage Fanclub in October. All dates below. (from press release)

For further information concerning artist, music, interviews, performing and promotion rights etc. please contact


October 10: Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg (with Whitney)
October 11: New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom (with Whitney)
October 14: Montreal, QC – Ritz (with Whitney)
October 15: Toronto, ON – Adelaide Hall (with Whitney)
October 16: Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme (with Whitney)
October 18: Philadelphia, PA- World Cafe Live Downstairs (with Teenage Fanclub)
October 20: Cleveland , OH -Beachland Ballroom(with Teenage Fanclub)
October 21: Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge(with Teenage Fanclub)
October 22: Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Cafe (with Teenage Fanclub)
October 23: Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon (with Teenage Fanclub)
October 25: Ferndale, MI – The Loving Touch (with Teenage Fanclub)

Get Stuck On Southern California Dream Indie-Pop CAPTIONS With Its First New Single ‘Bearfights’ Off The Band’s Upcoming Release ITERATIONS Which Brings Smooth, Harmonious Melodies With Quick, Addictive Beats !



*No copyright infringement intended. All rights to CAPTIONS for photo above.

Southern California-based four-piece, CAPTIONS, distinctively obscures Indie Rock inclinations through compositions reminiscent to the warm-weathered days of their home and emotions nostalgic to the cool-winded nights. Produced by Jacob Summers (Avid Dancer) and Leif Davidsen of Los Angeles founded recording studio, Gypsy Sound Studios, CAPTIONS.’ debut full length album, ‘ITERATIONS’, lends itself to lustrous mid-tempo rock and resonant, merciful melodies.(from press release). This new single “Bearfights” brings that dreamy rock with melting vocals and has definently hear Jacob Summers of Avid Dancer’s influence in this song as the song is tight, smooth rock and flawless.


‘Bearfights’, the first track off of ‘ITERATIONS’, takes a grounded approach to angst through focused melodies and wandering riffs. On the evolution of the LP, lead singer, John Figueroa, relays “there was a plethora of different events that inspired both the making of the music, and the words that are being sung. Mostly, channeling different experiences we’ve had and figuring out ways to condense those experiences into a few lines, then trying to entwine them together to form a whole new story altogether.” (from press release).


This smooth rock single by Southern California dream indie-pop band  CAPTIONS was right up my alley with quick beats and melting vocals and harmonious hooks playing off multiple singers blending together.  My favorite line was “I can’t go inside because you don’t know my name. It’s alright, I’ll play your game “. 

When , I was looking at the band’s music inventory, I also discovered another gem of a song called “Recording Silence” which is the second new single by CAPTIONS up on the band’s soundcloud. I found “Recording Silence” to be a dreamy and smooth track that I found myself floating along in my imagination. (see track at bottom of post ).
This quartet CAPTIONS from southern California consists of John Figueroa, Joshua Zacarias, Marcus Paquini, and Adam Gangi, and the band looks forward to their many upcoming involvements. Follow their journey for future release dates and show listings. Let’s get out and support a shining new band CAPTIONS for the upcoming release ITERATIONS with its smooth indie dreampop rock , harmonious hooks and quick beats  for the first new single “Bearfights ! You can catch them tomorrow at the Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles with more gigs upcoming soon. See the link below for more details regarding the show and the band’s website for future events !
*no copyright infringement intended. All rights to the band CAPTIONS.
Johanna Roessler-Smith

Wed 9:00 PM in PDT · 13 guests
Los Angeles, CA

Exclusive Interview : Apple’s Number 1 Spotlight Artist Los Angeles, California Based FOXTRAX Release A Thrilling New Video For UNDERWATER With New EP Just Out Now And West Coast Tour With Courtney Barns Commencing Soon !


*no copyright infringement intended. All rights to the band FOXTRAX.

Apple Music’s #1 Spotlight Artist & rising alternative rock band FOXTRAX has just released a thrilling new video for buzzing debut single “Underwater” exclusively via VEVO ahead of an upcoming West Coast tour with Barns Courtney. The video chronicles FOXTRAX singer Ben Schneid’s journey through the desert in search of water and his bandmates Jared and Jon Stenz. What he finds instead is an unexpected series of mirages that cause him anguish. (from press release) I thought that the new music video worked perfectly with the single Underwater and you were literally surviving this far-out experience with the lead singer of FOXTRAX Ben. My favorite part of this fun music video was when he was reaching for this giant pop bottle which ended up being tiny and empty in the end and found the mirage of a lady quite effective too !

The video was shot over the course of 2 days in the El Mirage Lake desert recreation area of San Bernadino County, west of the town of Adelanto. Directed by Ivanna Borin (1st AD: Good Charlotte, Bring Me The Horizon) and DOP from award-winning Frank Borin (Director: Bring Me The Horizon, Good Charlotte, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Duran Duran). Multiple Drones were used for aerial shots which infused a soaring, short film vibe to the video.(from press release)

I quite loved the smooth vocals and chill rock attitude with this song “Underwater” by FOXTRAX. This song seems to create an upbeat message but was also true and real with  the message that ‘we can all feel anxiety from time to time  but need to keep on moving on regardless of uncertain future.’  The edgy, rocker vocals of the lead singer Ben really made me want sing-a-long . Better yet , FOXTRAX have  just released a whole EP and I thought I would combine an ep review with an interview as it is always so much more informative to hear the bands take on the background and insights of the songs too ! I was very impressed with the bands answers to my questions whom talked a lot about being real , “A song can really come from anywhere as long as you are feeling an emotion that is intense” So please enjoy my EP THE CABIN review with an exclusive interview requested by the management of FOXTRAX whom approached me for a feature of this very talented Los Angeles rock band.


1.I notice that your EP just out on July 1st opens with a powerful track “Go It Alone” which seems to bring that smooth vocals and a story about setting out on a journey. What insights can you give me on the meaning of this song ?

“I think that there is a certain expectation that people have of one another to stay inside the mold and do something in life that is “respectable.” I don’t think any of us really wanted to stay inside that mold, but that comes at a cost. People are going to judge you and tell you that what you are doing is wrong. At the end of the day, we just don’t give a shit about what those people think. So “Go It Alone,” is really a song about doing whatever it is you need to do despite what people think.

Now this answer really hit home as so many times we try so hard to conform to others expectations that we lose  sight of our dreams along the way.

2.I quite loved your first single “Underwater” with those smooth vocals and the music video  to go along with the song really complimented the vibes.  This single has really taken off quickly on Apple Music. Does this song tell a story about a real event or just come from a collection of experiences ?


“This song definitely reflects more of a collection of experience. Everyone feels the anxiety that comes from an uncertain future. That is definitely the basis of the song.”

Underwater has reached #1 on Apples New Music Spotlight and has garnered over 100,000 plays on Pandora and over 40 playlist adds in its first week. It has also received radio play from major taste maker stations including Sirius XM’s Alt Nation and The Spectrum and has received close to 100,000 plays on Spotify! FOXTRAX has been named “One’s To Watch” by Live Nation and will hit the road with Barns Courtney for west coast dates at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on September 6 and The Troubadour in Los Angeles on September 8.

3. How important is the live part of the shows for the band ? I know you are slated to tour with the way talented Courtney Barns . How did this tour come about and are there any other artists you would also love to share a stage or do a collaboration perhaps ?

“We are all about the live show. We live for that energy and exaltation. We got hooked up with Barns through a series of weird events, the details of which I’m not 100 percent on, but he is an amazing artist. We can’t wait to learn from that dude and see what his process is like. Hopefully this will lead to some other opportunities as well. It would definitely be a dream to tour with a band like Cage The Elephant or Mumford and Sons.”

4. The next song on your way lovely newly released EP “Cabin” brings a more melodic song ” In The Dark Of The Night” which has a more soulful, romantic vibe. Were you thinking of someone special when you were writing this song ?

“We get asked this question pretty often. Most songs like this are inspired by a certain person, but there is definitely some poetic license involved in expressing it in song form.”

5. I noticed that you moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. How are you finding the music scene in Los Angeles , and any advice you’d like to give to any aspiring artist regarding navigating the media jungle there ? I  saw you had the chance to work with a major producer/engineer , Ben Roulston with impressive Brian Lucey along for mastering the album.  How was that process ?
“LA has been a crazy adventure. It is pretty wild out here for sure. We would definitely encourage other artists to get out there play as often as possible. Go to other people’s gigs and make friends. The first people who will like your music will be other artists generally. Working with Ben was really interesting because it was done mostly over email and phone. He is located in England so we had to trust in his vision. We did and we are really excited for how it all turned out.”

By the end of 2015, FOXTRAX relocated to Los Angeles where they began honing their live show.  After a brief few months, Producer/Engineer, Ben Roulston (Florence and the Machine, Wolf Alice), heard “The Cabin” demos and decided he could bring them to a new level.  Roulston added production and a fresh mix to the EP and Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Black Keys) hopped on board to master the tracks. 

6. A lovely guitar intro track is next called “On The Run” . I quite enjoyed the rock edge in this song and quite had to start dancing . Are you running toward something like getting on the radio or away from something you’d rather not do in this song ?


“It definitely has a little bit of both. I think this whole record has that push and pull. Escaping a terrible fate on the one hand and running toward another fate on the other.”

7. This soulful , rock track called “I’ll Be Back For You” concludes this way class rock and soulful ep called “CABIN” just out on July 1st by FOXTRAX  I enjoyed the imagery in this song and could almost see one out on a quest and taking time before coming back. The electric  guitar moving through this song really got to me. What was behind this song ?
 “This song is about yearning for someone, but knowing that they are toxic for you. You know that you might love them, but going back for them will screw you up. I think this song tends to be interpreted in a lot of different ways so I want to leave the rest of the meaning to the abstract.”
8. What are some of the inspirations or situations that make you feel the need to write a song  and whom are the primary songwriters in this band?
“A song can really come from anywhere as long as you are feeling an emotion that is intense. It’s when an emotion is so great that the only way to come back down is to write a song for it all to make sense.  The band arranges everything together. Some songs come from the room and others come from a more personal introspective place. Ben writes the lyrics and will often bring an idea to the table. The band kind of jams all the ideas out until it starts to feel like a FOXTRAX song. Jon and Jared have a really interesting a unique perspective on Rhythm and that gives all the songs a particular sort of awesome flavor.
9. (Create your own question and answer here)Who likes Hummus the most in FOXTRAX?? “Jon for sure!”
10. How would you describe yourself as a band and does the band have any fun hobbies aside from music perhaps?
“We are like chex mix. A lot of weird flavors going on, but they all taste pretty good together. As far as hobbies, I’d say eating Chex Mix is high up there. Maybe eating cheez its as well. They really have a solid flavor profile.”
12. Any plans to travel up to the coast to Portland and Seattle perhaps soon as I would love to see you guys live  ?
“Nothing scheduled for that far north yet, but we will for sure hit both of those cities in the coming year for sure!!”
13. Any other questions or comments??
“Catch your dreams before they slip away
Ellie Ripley
Rollon Ent 
Publicity Coordinator 

Los Angeles Master Producer JOHN GIRGUS of Legendary House Cat Nails Two More Impressive BAND AND THE BEAT Dance With Psychedelic Floating Vocal Remixes For New York Dreampoppers To Add To His Massive Music Library Of Works !


For longtime partners guitarist, producer James Tritten (Audio Explorations) and indie singer/songwriter Tracy Shedd (Teen Beat), their new synth pop identity Band & The Beat was more than simply a way to keep up with the current musical climate. It was chance to break free from years of guitar based songs, and the physical grind of the instrument itself. Inspired by classic bands like New Order, freestyle artists such as Egyptian Lover and Debbie Deb, and shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, the change of instrumentation freed their hands and minds of the constraints of traditional band structure, to the classic era of 808s and analog beats and melodies of futures past. A near literal electric charge. (from press release)
Official premiere was on Blurt for these diverse Band Beat Remixes from New York  dreampoppers  in which the mainman from Aberdeen John Girgus (Legendary House Cats) remixed for them  :
I took a listen to the two band remixes including Jimmys Jam and the Straight and Narrow  shared with me for a feature by John Girgus and was overwhelmed by two more way quality productions . Straight and Narrow brought a dream dance like quality with floating female vocals which built-in intensity. Jimmy Jam’s introduction had an almost space-like or dream state with purposely disjointed instrumentals that just slowly layered one sound upon the other in a trippy psychedelic state with more floating female vocals.
On a similar course, producer, guitarist John Girgus (Aberdeen) had made a similar change from studio based instrumentation to a minimal laptop based home set up with solo project The Legendary House Cats, closer to artists like Trentmøller or Ulrich Schnauss than the shoegaze and indie pop roots of Sarah Records, et al. Having been introduced to the world of remixing with an official remix of The Who’s “Eminence Front” (with KCRW’s Gary Calamar and The Balancing Act’s Willie Aaron), this quickly became an obvious collaboration when the two were catching up in conversation. (from press release).
*no copyright infringement intended . All rights to the picture below to John Girgus.
Here is just a small sample of the recent works of John Girgus with The Legendary House Cats project with some of my favorite tracks being King Grudge,  The River, and the Synthesize remixes, and of course these two Band And The Beat remixes  all of which I have featured before on my blog. (see blog links at bottom of post )
On the heels of a previous remix by Mark Robinson (Unrest, Air Miami) these remixes of BXTB’s current single of “Straight and Narrow” b/w“Jimmy’s Jam” take an ambitious trip from focused electronic pop to an 8+ minute ambient epic, driven by practiced compositions and insightful, motivating, lyrics. “Keep on marching, keep on marching to your own drum. . .” 
You can go connect with John Girgus on any of his many media platforms from producer of Paper Pilots, Horses, Tennis System etc , solo projects of Aberdeen, The Legendary House Cats, numerous remixes for other artists and many other projects and songs which have been placed in TV shows, commercials and movies . Thanks again to the producer/ artist himself for the opportunity to feature this way impressive producer, remixer and artist John Girgus whom has his musical talents in so many places that I have lost track !


California Rock Quartet THE ONLY OCEAN Release An Acid ,Psychedelic, Smooth, Rock Banger Which Is A New Single “CUL-DE-SAC” Off The New EP Entitled “TOO”!



*no copyright infringement intended. All rights of the picture above to the band The Only Ocean .

Lompoc, California born four-piece, The Only Ocean, renders a fresh approach to Indie Rock, marrying a wide range of sub-genres from Psych-Pop and Post-Punk to Acid Rock. Comprised of childhood friends, Wesley Hill, Dustin Whalen, Shae Kakos, and Alex Burdess, The Only Ocean, has quickly become one of Southern California’s beloved. (from press release).  Lets get to know this diverse rock band  with a zinger of a hot new single out now called CUL-DE-SAC !
‘CUL-DE-SAC’, the first single off of their latest EP, ‘TOO’, is a reverb-slicked anthem for anyone who has ever tasted the sweet angst in desolation. Snarky lyricism, roving melodies, and elements of shimmery Psychedelia help to facilitate the unapologetically transparent nature of the track. Contributing producers and engineers on the EP are Graham Ginsburg and Rick Mabery of The Barn Music Studio, and Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes, Antemasque). On the release of the five-track ‘TOO’, Whalen relays ‘we are very excited to release this new music because it’ll give our fans a taste of the kind of direction we want to take. I feel like the new cd sounds a bit more aggressive.’ (from press release)



I  was requested to feature this California band , The Only Ocean by a well-known LA publicity firm and one listen was all it took  of the first single  Cul-De-Sac off the new  The Only Ocean  EP release entitled ” Too” and I knew that they had that acid rock edge that I crave in a song.  I found myself wanting to sing-a-long with that smooth rock vocals intermixing with that hard rock instrumentals tinged with psychedelic rock . Cul-De-Sac  needs to be turned up loud to get all of those electric guitars playing off each other perfectly. I am siked to hear what is next in store for the The Only Ocean  EP release “Too”  as the first single  Cul-De-Sac wets my appetite for more music from them!

On the band’s website below , I also noticed that they have an ace previous self-titled release which the band describes themselves as alternative,atmospheric,  rock, shoegaze, and Lompoc which is the area of California from where the band resides . I took a listen to this release and especially favored Daydreams , Flying To Nowhere  and Don’t Go To Sleep from the last “The Only Ocean” release.


Don’t forget to follow the band The Only Ocean for updates on their latest involvements, future release dates, and upcoming show listings. The Only Ocean are on an exciting, music road and have a diverse bag of music talents from shoegaze to psychedelic rock to acid rock and more. You can connect more with this Lompoc LA rock band below on any of the social media sites below . Lets all get out and support great new music like this Lompoc California band The Only Ocean !
Johanna Roessler-Smith